Thursday, September 28, 2006

'"Shikali Gana Jatra'-1

(Traditional wears musician checking my card when i introduced myself as a photojournalist they said Journalist are not good because they never writes reall story even from Khokana so they were not seems happy with me.)
I am so pleasure to paticipate to observe "Shikali Gana Jatra'' of Khokana, 6 km far away from Patan City while they were celebrating in Dashain Festival as a first time to me. Khokana Village is the same village which is the first place where lit a light from the hydro-electricity ever in Nepal at then Prime Minister Juddha Samsher JBR of rana regime. And also famous of Mustard Oil.
Shikali Jatra, a festival is established by King Aananda Dev Malla and since approx.800 years before. The festival of Shikali, displays colourful danes of Dietys in the Village

Friday, September 22, 2006


Artist Ashmina Ranjeet creats a map of Nepal on the ground of BalMandir at Naxal in Kathmandu before 3 years back.